Here’s a little thought experiment that never fails to get a laugh: take something an American Republican leader says and imagine Barack Obama said it.
As in, imagine if Obama asked one of America’s most prominent epidemiologists, on camera at the White House, whether it would be a good idea to inject disinfectant or somehow expose yourself to massive amounts of ultraviolet light to eliminate a coronavirus infection.
The reaction from conservatives, I suspect, would be more or less the same phrase as the title of Richard Pryor’s third comedy album.
Or imagine if Barack Obama advised people to take an anti-malaria drug, even after the Food and Drug Administration cautioned against taking it. Think that might grow into a conspiracy theory? North Carolinians would show up with guns. Remember Pizzagate?
Or if Obama had had an aircraft carrier commander fired for pleading on behalf of his sailors’s health and safety.
Or if Obama had advised state governments to declare bankruptcy, guaranteeing destruction of state employee pension plans?
But back to people with guns. How about this one: imagine if Obama supporters showed up in masks and military garb, hefting assault rifles, on the steps of a state legislature?
Even better, imagine this: BLACK Obama supporters showing up in military fatigues, carrying heavy firepower at a state legislature. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Here’s a guess: it wouldn’t end well.
The same applies to the pack of obnoxious white women in Idaho who sassed a cop trying to enforce a lockdown order at a park. It was a staggering display of privilege, even to a privileged white fellow like me. I’m pretty sure I know how that would have ended had it been a bunch of minorities in that park, and it wouldn’t have been with one woman being gently led out in cuffs while her pals jeered the cops and yelled about calling the Idaho Freedom Foundation.
But the Obama game is more fun. How about imagining Obama insisting his name be printed on billions in stimulus cheques to American households, holding up the issuance of the cheques in the process?
Okay, I’m picking low hanging fruit, and I only just recently learned how to embed web links, but it’s fun. Let’s think back to the 2009 swine flu epidemic, which almost certainly originated in American pig herds. Remember that? Remember the American authorities solemnly insisting it was unfair to call it the swine flu (and certainly not the “American flu”), and that to be fair, the media should call it H1N1, which the media promptly did?
Let’s do a little comparison.
Anyway, suffice it to say the news from the shitshow across the border is rich with all sorts of things nowadays – irony, hypocrisy, racism, and stupidity on a scale so flabbergasting that it’s impossible not to read it. It actually gives me the patience to put up with Justin Trudeau’s pious-sounding, uninformative, treacly mush. At least he’s just boring.
Let me end this screed with my very favorite headline of the past week.
Such an American headline. Such a cry from a bygone era, if such an era really ever existed. And I used to be such a fanboy. I actually once called the U.S. government, after living there and owning a home and paying taxes for a decade, and asked about applying for citizenship.
The woman who took the call was rude to the point of vicious. Basically, she told me to go to the back of the goddamned line and wait my turn with all the Mexicans.
I shrugged and immediately gave up. In retrospect, I wish I could send that woman roses.